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VHPS Pass Box
VHPS Pass Box
VHPS Pass Box
VHPS Pass Box
VHPS Pass Box

STP series of VHPS Pass Box adopts the VHPS technology to sterilize the surfaces at room temperature, so that the materials can be sterile transferred from the low grade area to high grade area.


Built-in Dry VHPS®(Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide) generator for bio-decontamination.

Gas seal and Interlock doors.

Leak rate is less than 0.5%/vol/hour.

Total kill of a 106 population of G. stearothermophilus validated by biological indicators.

Horizontal unidirectional flow.

H14 HEPA filters for air intake and exhaust

Surfaces contact to the VHPS: SUS316L

Exhaust outlet: DN100

VHPS inlet: DN32

Data storage,exported and real time printing.

Real time monitoring the temperature, humidity and pressure.

Comply to 21CFR Part 11.


Laminar flow.

H2O2 high & low concentration sensors

H2O2 portable sensor for operator safety


Overall Size (LxDxH) mm

Inner Size    (LxDxH) mm1100*1100*1200800*1000*1200800*1000*1000700*700*800500*700*500

*Size can be customized


Complete validation protocols to comply with FDA, EMA, GMP, and 21CFR Part 11.

FAT, SAT, Training.



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