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VHPS Generator HTY-V200
VHPS Generator HTY-V200
VHPS Generator HTY-V200

HTY-V200 converts the 35% food grade H2O2 liquid in gaseous by flash evaporation technology. It transfers the VHPS in the vacuum equipments and enclosures by pipeline.


Safety: Sterilizing under vacuum conditin,no leakage.

Fast: Sterilization time is 1/5-1/3 of steam sterilization.

Convenient: No need to reconstruct the lyophilizer.

Low cost: The cost is less than USD2 for each cycle

6-Log reduction rate

PLC control

Built-in stylus printer


H2O2 portable sensor for operator safety

Material compatibility test

Validation protocols (IQ, OQ, Cycle Development) and service


Decontaminate the freeze-dryer and other vacuum enclosures 



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