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Portable Dry Fogger FHP5
Portable Dry Fogger FHP5
Portable Dry Fogger FHP5

FHP5 Dry Fogger sprays the H2O2 aerosol by high speed airflow, and disperses it into the enclosed space according to Brownian motion


Broad-spectrum disinfection

The H2O2 concentration is ≤8%

PLC control, Sound and Light alarm.

Automatically running, one button start and stop

Recipes storage and modify

Remotely operate

3-Level password access control

Delay start and Appointment start function.


Ambient humidity, temperature monitor

H2O2 high & low concentration sensors

H2O2 portable sensor for operator safety

Material compatibility test


Hospital ward 

Ambulance, Aid helicopter

Clean room

Biological Safety Labs

School, kindergarten.



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