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Glove Integrity Tester HTY-GIT01

GIT-01 Glove Integrity Tester adopts the pressure decay method to inspect the gloves & sleeves installed on aseptic isolators and RABS.


In situ leak testing without removal of the gloves.

Fully automated compliance with cGAMP.

Made of stainless steel suitable for using in clean room

Follow the ISO14644-7 standard.

Siemens PLC control.

Air supply should be clean compressed air or nitrogen.

21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Technical Parameters

Power supply: 220V 50Hz

Recipies: 29 groups

Air source: 0.2 bar

Power: 200W

Test time: 5~8min

Test pressure:500~1500Pa

Detectable hole: largher than 300μm

Readable pressure: 0.1Pa

Built-in stylus printer

Net Weight:12.5 Kgs


Glove port size:Ø255mm round (shape and size can be customized)


Gloves & sleeves leak test for aseptic isolators and RABS.

The gloves and sleeves integrity should be tested before / after use according to the regulations



Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. Copyright reserved by Tailin.