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Sterility Test Pump HTY-602A
Sterility Test Pump HTY-602A
Sterility Test Pump HTY-602A

HTY-602A is equipped with a color LCD screen which can display the ambient temperature and humidity.

It is  suitable for the sterility test of Large Volume Parenteral (LVP) or 10-50mL small volume products.


1. Color LCD displaying the date, time, work status, ambient temperature and humidity;

2. Tempered glass panel, smooth and flat surface, easy to clean;

3. Self-defined four-speed common speed, independent selection, speed memory;

4. Foot switch with continuous mode, convenient for small volume liquid detection;

5. Safety protection functions of over-current, over-voltage, over-load and blocking rotation;

6.Brushless DC motor, high reliability, long life, no electrical contact sparks and explosion-proof.

Technical Parameters

1. Power Supply:AC 220V//50Hz 

2. Power Consumption:65W

3. Speed:15-300rpm

4. Height (incl. hanger rod):43cm

5. Net Weight:11kg

6. Dimensions:23.0×31.0×11.0cm


Used together with the sterility test canister for closed membrane filtration sterility testing



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