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HTY-602S designed for VHPS fumigation
HTY-602S designed for VHPS fumigation
HTY-602S designed for VHPS fumigation

Sterility test pump is the critical device for closed sterility testing. It has a risk that the bioburden on its' surface will be directly carried into the sterile room. 

The pump cannot withstand heat sterilization, so usually  it is  treated by wiping with surface disinfectant and ultraviolet irradiation, which cannot completely eliminate the contamination risk.

HTY-602S adopts a fully enclosed body design, which can withstand the vaporized hydrogen peroxide(VHPS) fumigation for thoroughly bio-decontamination.

At the same time, it can be placed inside the aseptic isolator, no need to damage the bottom plate of the isolator for complicated installation, as long as it is put into the cabin, it can be used directly!


1. Airtight design, water and dust proof;

2. Withstand the vapor hydrogen peroxide;

3. Fully touch screen operation, no physical buttons;

4. Reserved interface for airtight detection;

5. water-resistant, no worry when the liquid is splashing on the tester;

6. Colorful LCD screen to display the date, time and status;

7. The continuous working mode is suitable for small volume test;

8. Canister holder is movable and rotable;

9. Safety protection:Overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, locked-rotor;

10. High performance explosion-proof motor.

Technical Parameters

1. Power Supply: AC 220V/50Hz

3. Power Consumption: 65W   

4. Speed: 15-300rpm

5. Height (incl. hanger rod): 43cm

6. Net Weight: 11kgs

7. Dimensions: 23.0×31.0×11.5cm


Used together with the sterility test canister for closed membrane filtration sterility testing.



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