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Sterility Test Pump HTY-610
Sterility Test Pump HTY-610
Sterility Test Pump HTY-610

HTY-610 is equipped with a new generation of electric motor system, which keeps stable torque at different speeds. It is the best choice for the sterility test at low speed frequently.


1. Compact design;

2. Safety hood to avoid glove bite;

3. Rotation speed memory function;

4. Foot switch;

5. Mirror polished stainless steel which is easily cleaned;

6. Stable rotation torque;

Technical Parameters

1. Power Supply: 95-260VAC/50-60Hz

2. Power Consumption: 120W

3. Speed: 0-220rpm

4. Height (incl. hanger rod): 43cm

5. Net Weight: 11kgs

6. Dimensions: 20.0×30.0×10.0cm


Used together with the sterility test canister for closed membrane filtration sterility testing.



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