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Laboratory Homogenizer HTY-BM01
Laboratory Homogenizer HTY-BM01
Laboratory Homogenizer HTY-BM01

Homogenizer is commonly used sample preparation device in the food microbial test. 

Sample is filled in the sterile bags and softly pat without contacting the samples.

It doesn’t need pre-sterilized and easy to use.


User friendly:

Colorful LCD screen

Touch glass panel control

Time and date display

Easy observation:Glass window with light in chamber.

Adjustable parameters:

Blending strength, speed, time and disinfection time are adjustable.

Easy cleaning:

Fully opened door

Removable paddles

Contactless blending 

Safe and reliable:

Safety protection, stop running when door is opened.

Built-in drip tray for in case of leakage and drip.

Technical Parameters

1. Power supply:AC 220V/50Hz

2. Power Consumption:350W

3. Speed:1-16 strokes/second

4. Timing:1second-1 hour OR continuous working

5. Materials: Stainless Steel

6. Power Consumption:350W


8. Net Weight: 30.5kg


Used together with the sterile bags for samples mixing before microbial limit test.



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