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Laboratory Blender HTY-761
Laboratory Blender HTY-761
Laboratory Blender HTY-761

HTY-761 is a sample pretreatment equipment, high speed, quickly blending the samples.


High speed motor, quick and reduce workload. 

All stainless steel, easy to clean.

The stirring blade is integrated with the cup.    

With safety device to protect the operator.

Unique design, no leakage.        

The cup can be steam sterilized.

Time and speed are ajustable.

Technical Parameters

1. Cup Volume: 300mL/500mL

2. Power Consumption: 65W

3. Net Weight:6.6 Kgs

4. Speed: 1000-20000r/min

5. Timing function: 10-300s

6. Dimensions:22.0X20.0X25.0cm


Used for the samples pretreatment of microbial limit test in pharmaceutical and food industries.



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