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Filtration Funnel F47/F60
Filtration Funnel F47/F60
Filtration Funnel F47/F60

F47 / F60 filtration funnel adopts membrane filtration method to retain the microorganisms on the membrane.

F47 funnels fit for  Ø47mm membrane filters, while F60 funnels fit for  Ø60mm membrane filters.


Sterile package, EO pre-sterilized;

No liquid remaining at the ring edge;

Seal of funnel edge is excellent, no leakage.

Technical Parameters

Membrane filters requirements:

    Diameter: Ø47mm for F47 funnel; Ø60mm for F60 funnel;

    Pore size: 0.45μm recommended;

Volume: 100mL, 250mL

Material of Funnel: Polypropylene (PP)


Sample filtration and microorganisms retention in microbial limit test and bioburden test.



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