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Filtration Funnel S60
Filtration Funnel S60
Filtration Funnel S60

S60 filtration funnel adopts membrane filtration method to retain the microorganisms on the membrane.

It integrates funnel and filtration membrane to be one disposalbe perti dish.

Fill the agar-based media on the reverse side for incubation at certain temperature.

No need tweezers, no need transfer the membrane.


Sterile package, EO pre-sterilized;

No need to transfer the membrane;

No need the tweezers and petri dishes;

simplify the work flow, reduce the workload;

Improve the testing reliability by eliminating membrane manipulation and handling. 

Technical Parameters

Membrane filter: MCE

Diameter:  Ø60mm

Pore size: 0.45μm

Volume: 100mL

Agar volume needed: 10mL-12mL

Scale marks: 50mL, 75mL,100mL


Sample filtration and microorganisms retention in microbial limit test and bioburden test.



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