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Microbial Limit Tester HTY-102
Microbial Limit Tester HTY-102
Microbial Limit Tester HTY-102

HTY-102 is designed for microbial limit test. It has one(1) pump head with built-in diaphragm pump. 

It is directly discharge, no need the filter flask.


Compact size, less space occupation;

Built-in excellent diaphragm pump, low noise and reliable;

On/Off button with indicator;

Quick-fit different type pump head;

The pump heads can be dismantled easily for steam sterilization at 121℃;

Made of mirror polished stailinless steel, easy to clean.

Technical Parameters

Power supply: AC 220V/50Hz

Power consumption: 25W

Pumping flow: ≥1200mL/min.

Noise: ≤60dB(A) (load condition)

Net Weight: 3.5kgs 

Dimensions: 16.0cm x 23.0cm x 10.0cm

Pump heads:                               PF47               /PB47 / PF60       /PS60

Filtration cup correspondingly:  F47, F47-250 / F47B / F60-250 / S60


Microbial limit test  laboratories.

When used together with the filtration cup and membrane, it can establish one membrane filtration system. 



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