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Membrane Filter Dispenser HTY-EMD01
Membrane Filter Dispenser HTY-EMD01
Membrane Filter Dispenser HTY-EMD01

HTY-EMD01 Membrane Filter Dispenser is designed to aseptically dispense the disc membrane filter.

It is using infrared sensor technology to realize contactless filter taking.

  • Contactless - Move hands and get membrane.

  • Easy to load - Simple and quick loading the contiunuos disc membranes.

  • No jamming - precision positioning to avoid membrane jamming.

  • Designed to hold 150 disc membranes

  • Portable -small size for easy carring.

  • Easy to clean — clean with standard laboratory disinfectants.

Technical Parameters

Materials: ABS and Aluminum

12.0 V lithium battery

Net Weight: 4.5Kgs

Dimensions: 25cm x 17cm x 26cm


Used together with continuous packing membrane filters for fast and aseptic membrane dispensing.



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