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Endoscope Microbial Test Filtration Cup FC501
Endoscope Microbial Test Filtration Cup FC501
Endoscope Microbial Test Filtration Cup FC501

To avoid the cross contamination, the endoscope ought to be disinfected after using. But how to accurately evaluate the disinfection efficacy, it has been a difficult problem for a long time.

TAILIN innovatively developed the endoscope microbial limit test system to solve this problem.

The Endoscope Microbial Test System consists of HTY-WP02 peristaltic pump for sampling,HTY-101 diaphragm pump for suction filtering,  and FC501 filtration cup

Step 1: Rinse the endoscope with sterile water, and transferring the rinsed water in FC501 filtration cup by HTY-WP02 peristaltic pump;

Step 2: Install the FC501 on the HTY-101 diaphragm pump;

Step 3: Start the HTY-101 diaphragm pump, the sampling rinsed water will filtering through theFC501 filtration cup.

Step 4: The microorganism will be hold on the filtration membrane, if there is any.

Step 5: Put the filtration membrane in the culture media for incubation and counting.

The Endoscope Microbial System can fit for most of endoscope brands; it is closed system which can avoid the external contamination when checking the endoscope disinfection/cleaning efficacy.


Luer threading connector for tight sealing and easy to dismantle;

Luer plug to avoid liquid drip;

Special designed connection to syringe;

High rigid and transparent cup body;

High flow rate filtration membrane to guarantee the microbial recovery.

Technical Parameters

Cup volume: 120 mL

Filtration membrane: MCE

Membrane pore size: 0.45μm

Ethylene Oxide (EO)sterilization


Consumables used for the sampling during endoscope microbial test.



Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. Copyright reserved by Tailin.