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TOC Analyzer HTY-DI1000-PL
TOC Analyzer HTY-DI1000-PL
TOC Analyzer HTY-DI1000-PL

The HTY-DI1000 -PL  laboratory TOC Analyzer is designed to determinate the TOC levels of purified water, WFI and Ultra-purified water. 

It uses UV lamp oxidation technology.


Dual-wave UV oxidation, no need catalyst and carrier gas.

Large size touch screen for convinient operation.

Multilevel password privileges.

Test method and Samples management.

Alarm function when data is exceed the pre-set threshold.

Match all AUTOSAMPLERS made by TAILIN.

Economical choice.

Technical Parameters

Power supply:           (100-240)VAC  50/60Hz

Power consumption: 100W
Indication error: ±5%
Repeatability: RSD≤2%
Determination Range:(0-1000.0)μg/L

Anaysis time: 4 min.

Response time: within 15 min.
Required sample conductivity:(0-5.1)µS/cm@25℃
Required sample temperature:(1-99)℃
Ambient temperature:(10-40)℃

Dimensions: 40 cm x 30 cm x30cm


Validation protocols;

System Suitability Test.



Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. Copyright reserved by Tailin.