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TOC Analyzer ​HTY-DI1500
TOC Analyzer  ​HTY-DI1500
TOC Analyzer  ​HTY-DI1500
TOC Analyzer  ​HTY-DI1500
TOC Analyzer  ​HTY-DI1500

The HTY-DI1500  laboratory TOC Analyzer is designed to determinate the TOC levels of purified water, WFI and Ultra-purified water. 

It uses UV lamp oxidation technology for accurate, dependable operation with minimal maintenance.

The analysis is made by the software installed on computer, it is easy to operate and in compliance with the GMP and 21CFR PART 11 requirements.

  • Dual-wave UV oxidation with conducitivity sensor to ensure the reproducibility and long calibration period.

  • Dynamic detection technology combined with professional algorithms to ensure good repeatability.

  • Dural sensor configuration(TC, IC sensors) eliminate the interference of inorganic carbon during TOC determination.

  • Obeservation windows for UV lamp and pump.

  • Less-disassemble design, easy to maintenance.

  • CSV (Computerized System Validation),21 CFR Part 11 compliance, audit trails compliance.

  • It meets the regulatory requirements for ChP,USP<643>, EP2.2.44 and JP16.

  • Match for all the AUTOSAMPLERS made by TAILIN

Technical Parameters

Power supply:           (100-240)VAC  50/60Hz

Power consumption: 100W
Indication error: ±5%
Repeatability: RSD≤2%
Determination Range:(0-1500.0)μg/L

Test time: 4 min.

Required sample conductivity:(0-5.1)µS/cm@25℃
Required sample temperature:(1-95)℃
Ambient temperature:(10-40)℃

Dimensions: 23cm x 24cm x 34cm


Validation protocols;

System Suitability Test;

Online instructions for software installation.



Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. Copyright reserved by Tailin.