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Media Degasser HTY-DG132
Media Degasser HTY-DG132
Media Degasser HTY-DG132

HTY-DG132 is can quickly and safely remove dissolved gases in water.  It offers quick and easy preparation of dissolution media.


Less than 5 minutes from start to use, greatly reducing the preparation time;
No upper limit of water volume, as long as the water source is sufficient, the water can be continuously degassed;
One-click for filling, heating and degassing;
Bigger LCD screen, easy to use;
Self-diagnosis function, when an abnormal situation occurs, the device automatically stop with error message;
Power-off protection function to reduce device damage;

Memory storage function, can remember the last operating parameters;

Temperature compensation and calibration;
User selectable volume settings.

Technical Parameters

Power supply:(220±10%)VAC, 50Hz
Power consumption: Max. 3500W
Heating temperature, accuracy: 37.0-40.0° C, ±0.5° C
Degassing vacuum: 700mbar-900mbar
Media volume: no limitation, depends on media supply
O2 level after degassing: ≤2.8mg/L
Dispensing rate:>1000mL/min
Dimensions: 55cm×40cm×59cm


Degassing for distilled water and deionized water



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