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Microbial Limit Test for Pharmaceutical

Microbial Limit Test Solution

Using the membrane filtration method which is compliance with the ChP, USP,EP,JP. The system consists of Microbial Limit Tester/Manifold, Pump,Funnel, filtration membrane, membrane dispenser. TAILIN is capable of manufacturing the whole system by itself which can guarantee better adaptability and more reliable quality.





Laboratory Homogenizer & Sterile Bags

Homogenizer and sterile bags are commonly used sample preparation device in the microbial test. Sample is filled in the sterile bags and softly blended without contacting the samples. It doesn’t need pre-sterilized and easy to use.




Aerosol Sampling System

TAILIN unique designed and developed the aerosol sampling system to solve the problem in aerosol microbial limit test