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Cell &Gene Therapy

In recent years, with the rapid development of cytology, immunology, molecular biology and tissue engineering technology, cellular immunotherapy, as a safe and effective treatment, has become more and more prominent in clinical treatment and is known as " The third pillar of future medicine". 

Based on the isolator technology,TAILIN developed the cell & gene therapy isolator. It is modularly designed to provide a continuously controlled aseptic operating environment for in vitro cell processing


It is  meets the requirements of GMP,FDA, EMA, NMPA regulations and ISO, PDA, USP guidelines .

Top Sterile Assurance Level

Allowed to be installed in Class D background

Tracebility: the process paramters are recorded and operations are filmed

Built-in VHPS generator for Sterilization-In-Place

H14 HEPA to maintain the Class A cleanness/ISO5

Tailored on users' demand

Eco-friendly and energy saving

Device Configuration
Digital Microscope
Digital Microscope

Equipped with high-performance digital microscope, the growth status of the cells will be displayed on the microscopic imaging system.

Built-in low speed Centrifuge
Built-in low speed Centrifuge

Embedded design, thorough Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide sterilizaiton


Transfer Chambers with VHPS sterilization
Transfer Chambers with VHPS sterilization

For contiunous working, it is equipped with two transfer chambers with capacity of 18L and 49L respectively, and the sterilization can be completed in 30min at the fastest. The main chamber and the transfer chambers adopt two independent VHPS sterilization systems

Temperature Control System
Temperature Control System

Unique designed indirect contact heating makes the heating is more uniform and easy maintenance. Compared with the water bath heating system, it reduces the demand for water quality and reduces the risk of nourishing microorganisms. The entire surface can be sterilized with vaporized hydrogen peroxide.