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Microbial Limit Test for Food Industry

TAILIN providing a series of food microbiological testing solutions such as gravimetric dilutor, homogenizer, sterile bags, bottled water sampler, microbiological testing instrument, filtration manifold, filter cup, filtration membrane, automatic membrane dispenser, culture medium absorption pad, laboratory blender,  culture medium automatic dispensing system, petri dish, liquid dispensing pump, etc.


I. Sample Pre-treatment

According to food safety regulations:

Solid and semi-solid samples: weigh 25 g of sample and place in a sterile homogenizing cup with 225 mL of phosphate buffer or saline, homogenize at 8000 r/min to 10000 r/min for 1 min to 2 min, or place in a sterile homogenizing bag with 225 mL of diluent and beat with a tapping homogenizer for 1 min to 2 min to make 1:10 sample homogenate"


1. Gravimetric dilutor + Homogenizer+ Strile bags


2.  Laboratory Blender



II. Bottled water sampling

Unique design to realize the completely closed sampling, minimize the risk of external contamination.

bottle water sampler.jpg 


III. Culture Media Dispensing

1. Automatic Culture Media Dispenser

     Patented horizontal push design, more efficiency and faster than traditional design. It can dispense 1200 dishes/ hour.


automatic media dispensing.jpg

2. Liquid Dispensing Pump

    Portable dispenser for precise measurement and quantitative dispensing.

liquid dispensing pump.jpg 


IV. Microbial Limit Test System

Based on membrane filtration method, it includes a series of  equipment and consumables such as microbiological test manifold, pumps, filtration cups, filtration menbrand and membrane dispenser etc.

microbial limit test.jpg 


Gravimetric Dilutor--- Automatic dilution, accurate weighing and easy operation.

Homogenizer/ Blender--- Suitable for the homogenization of solid and semi-solid samples.

Bottled water sampling--- Compact size, easy to use, can be timed to take samples, sterile sampling.

Microbial limit tester---Built-in diaphragm pump, optional 4 kinds of pump head, easier to operate.

Filtration manifold---  Removable pump head, the whole manifold can be heat sterilized, no cleaning dead ends.

Automatic membrane dispenser---Infrared sensor, no need to press a button, can automatically dispense membrane.

Automatic Culture Media Dispenser--- Patented horizontal push design, fast and reliable